My care at The Wellness Studio has led to a series of positive, healthy changes in my life. Dr. Julie has given my the courage and knowledge to make better choices, and having my spine and nervous system working the way they should means that my body and mind work better. I’d recommend her care to anyone.

-Practice Member "C"

I have played sports all my life including at the high school and collegiate athletic levels. As a result of the wear and tear and the many injuries I faced throughout my career, I was having difficulties running and participating in the sports I loved. After one particular running injury, I sought care with a local orthopedic surgeon. They referred me to physical therapy to improve what they called, “the worst SI instability they had ever seen”. The years of playing the sports I loved had left me unable to run more than half a mile without considerable pain. My co-worker told me about Dr. Julie, and I started seeing her on a regular basis. Her alignments along with continued physical therapy and hard work, has decreased my pain so significantly, that I can now run 5 miles and working up to more. Dr. Julie helped me more than any other form of health care. She listens, cares, and takes the time to ensure that she is making a difference in your life. Thank you Dr. Julie!

-Practice Member ‘V'

Since starting care at The Wellness Studio, my overall well-being has greatly improved. The pain that I was experiencing subsided and I experienced improvement in my energy levels, cognitive function, and weight. Living without chronic pain has improved nearly every aspect of my life.

-Practice Member "W"

I really appreciate the kid-friendly environment and ease of making appointments.

-Practice Member "T"

Overall, this has been of the the best patient experiences I have ever had. I have improved physcally and emotionaly since beginning this wellness journey. 

-Practice Member "H"

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